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Red Crescent Leads the Way in COVID-19 Battle 
– The New Straights Times, 24 Mar 2020
Plea to Donors as Blood Stock Depleting
The Daily Express, 30 Mar 2020
UMK Makes PPE and Shield Visors for COVID-19 Frontliners
The New Straits Times, 30 Mar 2020
UMK Donates PPE Sets to Kelantan Red Crescent
The Malaysian Insight, 31 Mar 2020
Johor Good Samaritan Busy Helping Needy During MCO 
The New Straits Times, 02 Apr 2020
Volunteers Just Happy to Help
The New Straits Times, 04 Apr 2020
MRCS Blood Donation Drive
The Daily Express, 12 Apr 2020
MRC Houses JB Homeless in Kem Wawasan, Gunung Pulai
The New Straits Times, 14 Apr 2020
PPE Jahitan Banduan untuk Petugas Kesihatan
Harian Metro, 16 Apr 2020
BSMM Kedah Edar 600 Bungkusan Makanan
Sinar Harian, 30 Apr 2020


The Red Crescent in Action
Lawrence Gray (via Youtube), 24 Apr 2020