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As an auxiliary to the government, MRCS is fully committed in the fight against COVID-19. While we remain on standby to assist emergency response teams with events relating to the outbreak, MRCS is also actively collaborating with relevant authorities particularly in highly affected areas to help facilitate systematic programs that will enable all Malaysians – individually or as a collective – to contribute meaningfully towards total eradication of the pandemic in Malaysia.


MRCS Activities

MRCS Airlifts Emergency Aid to Sabah
Planning Meetings & discussion on COVID-19
Discussion at the Ministry of Finance for #responsMALAYSIA
30.4.20 – First Virtual Gathering of SEA Red Cross & Red Crescent Leaders 

Corporate & Public Donations to MRCS for COVID-19

 27/03/2020 – MRCS Recieves Donation of 1000 boxes of Gloves from TOP GLOVE
Handover by TOP GLOVE Executive Chairman, YBhg. Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai
10/04/2020 – MRCS Receives Donation of RM1.5Mil in Cash and Kind from Nestlé Malaysia for COVID-19
18/04/2020 – MRCS Receives Donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Face Masks and Hand Sanitisers from Yinson Holdings, Kuok Brothers and China Communication Construction Company
30/04/2020 – MRCS Receives Donation of 600 Face Visors from Outpost Uniform

 MRCS Activities by State


25/03/2020 – Face Visor Making for Distribution to Klang Valley Frontliners
15/04/2020 – PPE Intubation & Sampling Boxes for Distribution to Northern Peninsular – Collaboration with MCOBA & OPA
16/04/2020 – PPE Intubation & Sampling Boxes Arrive in Perak & Penang – Collaboration with MCOBA & OPA


22/03/2020 – Site Visit with Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan & Sarawak Blood Bank to Establish Blood Collection Centre
18/04/2020 – Handover of 60 Units of  Full Face Respirators to Sarawak General Hospital


09/04/2020 – Tenom RC Handing Face Visors Over to Tenom Royal Police


24/03/2020 – Face Visor Making & Distribution to Hospital Kuala Krai & Hospital RPZII
25/03/2020 – Face Visors Distribution to KKD Tumpat & Pasir Mas and HRPZII
27/03/2020 – Head and Leg Cover Making & Distribution to HRPZII  – With Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)
06/04/2020 – Hand Sanitizer Making, in collaboration with Kelantan State Health Department


25/03/2020 – Distribution of Drinking Water to Central Seberang Prai Frontliners


26/03/2020 – Public Donation Drive (Cash & Kind) Distribution to Central Seberang Prai Frontliners


27/03/2020 – Face Visor Making & Distribution of Donated Face Masks to MRCS and Hospital Frontliners


25/03/2020 – Distribution of Food & Necessities to B40 Group – with Al-Iltizam Relief Organization


26/03/2020 – Distribution of Food and Essentials To Hulu Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Nerus and Besut 
01/05/2020 – Handover of Cash Donations, Food and Essential items to Victims  of a Fire in Dungun
02/05/2020 – Distribution of 1000 Pieces of Face Masks to Market Operators and Shoppers in the Gong Badak Area 
02/05/2020 – Distribution of Essential Kits to Vulnerable Families in the Marang Region
02/05/2020 – Distribution of Basic Essentials to 30 villages in Kuala Berang Area


29/03/2020 – Face Visor Making & Distribution to Kedah Hospitals and Health Clinics
09/04/2020 – MRCS Chairman’s Visit to Kubang Pasu RC to Meet Volunteers making Face Visors
09/04/2020 – MRCS Chairman Visit to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah’s Blood Donation Unit & PPE Creation Team
11/04/2020 – Face Visor Handover to Immigration & Distribution of Foods to 9 villages within the Kubang Pasu District



29  – 30/03/2020 – Face Visor Making & Distribution to Hospitals and Health Clinics in Slim River and Muallim
31/03/2020 – Distribution of Donated Groceries to 80 Low Income Families in Muallim
06/04/2020 – Food Distribution to 15 Orang Asli Families in Chenain 
09/04/2020 – Making & Handover of Face Visors and PPEs to Perak Tengah District Health Clinic – in Collaboration with UITM  


 04/04/2020 – Food Distribution to Homeless in Johor Bahru & Pulai
 15/04/2020 – Distribution of facials masks & PPE to Hospital Sultanah Aminah
 15/04/2020 – Delivery of Packed Food to the Homeless – with NGO Johor Truckers
 20/04/2020 – Handover of various PPEs to Enche’ Besar Hajjah Khalsom Hospital Kluang


 09/04/2020 – Handover of Face Visors to Negeri Sembilan Health Department
 10/04/2020 – Handover of Face Visors to Rembau District Welfare Department
 23/04/2020 – Handover of PPEs to Health Clinics and Welfare Departments in Negeri Sembilan