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on 2014/10/24 10:03:15 (11 reads)
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Updates: Red Crezcent- Selangor is pleased to receive support and assistance from MRCS Headquarters and Perak Branch to assist in d oreparation of food for 1500 people involved in the Apartment Teratai, Blocks K&L , Taman Bunga Raya, Bukit Beruntung landslide . Penang and Pahang Branches are arriving too in these moments of solidarity with Red Crescent- Selangor. THANK YOU

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on 2014/10/21 9:28:11 (27 reads)
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About 19.00 hrs, upon receiving call from the Fire and Rescue Department , Red Crescent-Selangor members and volunteers under the command of Tuan Amaran (Acting Disaster Chairman) and Tuan Saravanan (Director) responded promptly to SK Taman Bukit Raya as a relief center for the evacuees.
An ambulance from MRCS Headquarters were mobilised too. A big thank you to Gombak, Hulu Selangor VADs and BSMM Tanjung Malim for assisting us at the site.

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on 2014/7/28 8:00:00 (29 reads)
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Setelah selamat berpisah bulan Ramadhan , kami mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA - Semoga kehadiran bulan Syawal pada tahun ini mengeratkan hubungan yang sedia terjalin dan MAAF ZAHIR BATIN jika ada kekurangan
on 2014/6/25 15:46:19 (78 reads)

Red Crescent-Selangor is pleased to announce that the election of the Branch Committee members for the Year 2014-2016 was successfully carried out on 8 June 2014 as appended below. The post of the Branch Chairman was contested by Puan Fatimah Sulaiman and Dato’ Saidin Thamby in absentia. The latter purported to have signed 2 letters :

(i) letter dated 2 June 2014 that was faxed to the Honorary Secretary informing of his inability to attend the meeting; and
(ii) letter dated 6 June 2014 which stated his inability to attend the meeting and “ menerima sebarang jawatan yang diberikan dengan rela hati”. However, inspite of the inconsistency but in the spirit of democracy, the Election Chairman as well as Puan Fatimah Sulaiman allowed the nomination to be put forward.

As for the other items in the Agenda, they were unanimously approved, namely:
(i) The minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting;
(ii) The 2013 Annual Report which covered the Activities/Programs for 2013; the CSR acknowledgments, the activities/programs conducted by the 14 Chapters; Names of recipients of BSMMM awards and the related financial highlights for the Year 2013; and
(iii) The audited accounts for the fiscal year ending 31 December 2013.

Excerpts of the Branch Chairman‘s address, Puan Fatimah Sulaiman:
- expressed grateful thanks to committee members and all those who volunteered their time and expertise in assisting the Branch in delivering effective programs and for their unreserved support to her;
- the rapid growth of the Branch is reflected in its numerous activities and projects in sectors for example Mangrove Replanting, Ambulance provider and 1st Aid & CPR training classes;
- as we move on, it is appropriate to remind ourselves that we must not rest on our laurels which is quite easy to do; and
- raise the consciousness of ensuring that the proper decorum will be observed at all times during such communications of enhancing the image and integrity of the Branch.

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on 2014/3/20 15:57:43 (225 reads)
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Kursus Pengenalan Pertolongan Cemas & CPR (1 hari) akan diadakan seperti berikut:

Tarikh : 22 Mac 2014
Masa : 9.00 pagi- 5.00 petang
Tempat : Bilik Mesyuarat, BSMM Cawangan Selangor
JKR 25649(17), Jalan Selangor
Bukit Persekutuan KL ( berhampiran Balai Polis Travers, KL)
Yuran peserta : RM150.00 seorang

Pengesahan kehadiran : sebelum 21 Mac 2014
Cara bayaran : cek: PBSMM Cawangan Selangor
No akaun maybank: 514422105882



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