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on 2016/3/14 17:36:51 (82 reads)
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The organizer and its partners thank the approximately 3,000 out of the 4,000 registered runners who came out in full force at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning to participate in Natura Run For Hope 2016. The runners were supported and cheered on by their families and friends throughout the event.

This is the Organiser’s inaugural event and Encik Aiman Manan, the founder of Prestige Living, extended his sincerest apologies for the run’s shortcomings and promised to resolve all issues. Firstly, there was the delay in the flagging off the run and secondly the wrong sizes of the T-shirts from our supplier that led to much confusion and tested our runners’ patience. As a result, once informed our supplier, has immediately promised to rectify their error. We will, as soon as we receive the new correctly sized T-shirt from them, inform the runners and post them the correct sizes.

In spite of the disappointing start for some, the participants demonstrated the spirit of solidarity. They ran and finished their run in their respective categories. At the end of the run they celebrated and enjoy the after the race activities the good old Malaysian style – with each other and their new friends made before, during and after the run. We are so proud of all them and the solidarity shown with the cause and each other.

Lastly, a heartfelt appreciation to our RC-Selangor's volunteers who performed tirelessly and beyond the scope given to them by the Organiser. The success of the event is attributable not only to the runners but also to all of you and that exemplary spirit of volunteerism shown.

When contacted, RC-Selangor Branch Chairman, Puan Fatimah Sulaiman echoed the chorus of congratulations received by the Organiser for the successful event. She pledges that the amount of RM 7,000 received from the Organiser will be suitably utilize to organise medical and health camps to create awareness on the prevention of diabetes to benefit the Youth throughout 2016/17. On behalf of RC-Selangor, Puan Fatimah thanked all the brave participants, the organizer and its partners and look forward to another run next year.

Sharifah Mariam bt Syed Ibrahim
Fund Raising Chairman
MRC - Selangor

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on 2016/2/10 13:41:48 (132 reads)
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Natura Run For Hope 2016 charity event on 20 & 21 february 2016

JOIN US - Sign up for this RUN today and you can be assured of a most memorable weekend

experience with your family and friends, while serving a noble cause at the same time.

Fill up the application form now!

Please bring your family and friends on the 20th February where FUN is awaiting for all of you……


on 2016/2/2 8:41:02 (89 reads)
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The Lunar New Year is coming up and we wish you a Happy New Year.

On behalf of the Branch Committee members, I would like to thank all our members, friends and donors for your continued support.

Looking at the events and programs throughout last year, I think RC-Selangor is increasingly visible.

I hope you will support and join us TO CELEBRATE YOU as our member and supporter in our forthcoming events.


Fatimah Sulaiman
Branch Chairman/ MRCS NEB member
on 2015/5/20 8:57:58 (156 reads)
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Seramai 150 ahli BSM - Selangor meraikan acara Pembarisan Sukarelawan sempena Hari Palang Merah Sedunia Peringkat Cawangan Selangor yang julung kali diadakan di Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam pada hari Ahad, 10hb Mei 2015.

Tetamu Kehormat adalah YB Dr Daroyah Alwi dan bersama Puan Fatimah Sulaiman Pengerusi BSM-Selangor memberi Tabik Hormat kepada 40 ahli -ahli PBS dari Cabang- cabang Gombak, Klang dan Hulu Langat. Acara bermula dengan pembacaan Ikrar oleh En.Thinesh Kumar dari Cabang Gombak di ikuti dengan deklamasi sajak dan puisi Palang Merah & Bulan Sabit oleh ahli - ahli UITM, pertunjukkan Kawad Formasi oleh ahli- ahli SMK Taman Selayang, Gombak dan pengenalan Skuad Rapid Deployment BSM- Selangor serta demonstrasi Pertolongan Cemas yang diketuai oleh En Shahrul dan ahli parademik.

Sekalung Tahniah kepada semua yang hadir dan usaha gigih para ahli ' Organizing Committee' yang diketuai oleh Tn Sheikh Dawood bersama Tn Saravanan & Tn Murugun. Semoga berjumpa lagi di Tahun hadapan!

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on 2015/5/11 17:00:00 (304 reads)
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