DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong  



The National Council is the supreme deliberative body with power to regulate, manage and control all the affairs of the Society in accordance with the Act. The National Council is made up of twenty one voting members:

1. National Chairman

2. Deputy National Chairman

3. 4 National Vice-Chairmen of whom one shall be from amongst the Branch Chairmen

4. National Treasurer

5. 8 elected members of the National Council

6. 2 appointed representatives of every branch

7. ex-officio the Head of Medical services of the Malaysian Armed Forces

8. ex-officio the Head of the Malaysian Medical Association

9. ex-officio representatives from the Ministries

10 ex-officio, the secretary General.

Council will meet once a year at the yearly Council Meeting. Members of the National Council are volunteers.  



The day to day management of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in the National Executive Board which shall at all times act in accordance with the directions and decisions of the National Council. The National Executive Board is made up of the all elected officials of the National Council, five representatives from the zones and ex-officio, the Secretary General. National Executive Board will meet once in every two months. Members of the National Executive Board are volunteers.  



The Secretary General shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Society and be responsible to the National Council and the National Executive Board for the day to day administration.


YBhg Dato’ Sayed A Rahman Bin Sayed Mohd.