Creating a permanent fund at the Malaysian Red Crescent can easily be accomplished.  If you are interested in creating a named fund, consider the following questions.

What will the name of the fund be?

Funds are often named in memory or in honour of a loved one.

What type of fund will it be? What charitable cause will it support?

You can design your fund to be used for specific purpose.



Discretionary Funds (Unrestricted Grant-making)  (RM5,000 minimum)

Discretionary Funds support the changing needs of the community.  Grants are awarded in the following areas

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health & fitness
  • Human needs
  • Religion & faith-based.


Designated Funds

The designation is made at the time the fund is created.  Funds may be designated as follows:

  • Specific AgencyRM5,000 minimum
  • Field of Interest – RM5,000 minimum (same interest areas as Discretionary Funds)
  • GeographicRM5,000 minimum (supports charitable activities in defined geographic area)
  • ScholarshipsRM5,000 minimum (scholarships may be targeted to a specific school, for a specific segment of the population, for a specific field of study, etc.)
  • Organisation DevelopmentRM5,000 minimum (training are related to organisational development, disaster responses, community-based health & first aid)
  • Volunteers Training – RM5,000 minimum
  • Community-Based Health Care – RM5,000 minimum (supports ambulance services, pre hospitals care and first aid)
Donor Advised Funds – (RM5,000 minimum) 

Donor or designee may annually recommend the charitable cause to be supported.


Agency Endowments – (RM5,000 minimum)

Agency Endowments created by a charitable not for profit for its own benefit.  The minimum amount must be contributed in a lump sum, although additional contributions may be forwarded in any amount.


What assets will be used to create the fund?

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Bonds
  • Real Property
  • Tangible Assets
  • Bequest
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance 




Address the donation to:
Malaysian Red Crescent Society
Lot PT54, Lengkok Belfield
Off Jalan Wisma Putra
50460 Kuala Lumpur

Person Incharge
Puan Nur Halimatun – Finance Manager
Tel : 03-2144 8122
03-2143 8122
03-2143 7122 ext 201
Email :

Puan Norelida – Finance officer
Tel : 03-2143 8122
03-2143 7122 ext 202

Cik Noni – Finance Officer
Tel : 03-2144 8122
03-2143 8122 ext 203

You also can fax your donation details to 03-2143 5122 (fax)