The Secretary General of Singapore Red Cross (SRC) Mr Benjamin William visited Malaysian Red Crescent Headquarters on 10 January 2017 to share experiences and initiatives that have been established by the two organisations.

During the meeting, YBhd. Dato’ Sayed A. Rahman bin Sayed Mohd, Secretary General of MRC has shed light on the activities of MRC, especially in floods relief mission in the East Coast recently. In addition, Dr S Selva Jothi, Director of Disaster Management, told,

“Coordination is essential to systematically manage the disaster relief mission in an effective manner. A comprehensive policy should be put in place to protect an interest of the agencies involved in disaster relief missions during the event.”

MRC has received a mandate from the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) to coordinate and planning for the strategy on disaster management with related NGOs to enhanced the effectiveness mission coordination”.

Dr S Selva Jothi added, “Disaster response team training should be intensified, especially in rescue skills in high-risk locations.

YBhg. Dato’ Sayed A. Rahman bin Sayed Mohd said the main challenge faced by the rescue team is a poor in coordination and distribution of relief aid during the mission.

Meanwhile, Singapore Red Cross has been told the infrastructures contributed by the SRC was fully utilised in Kg. Tadok, Kuala Berang and Kg. Padang, Setiu in Hulu Terengganu. Boats donated by the SRC was operated by the villagers themselves. The boat handling training was conducted by MRC in the year 2015.

Mr Benjamin William also shared the Singapore Red Cross achievements as well as provide insight into how the MRC can work with SRC in some aspects. He also urges to strengthen the cooperation between the South East Asia, ICRC through the leadership meetings to improve the coordination of disaster management planning. He also suggested SRC and MRC involve together in improving the capacity in coordination and to improve the system.

In addition, SRC also expressed their readiness to cooperate with the MRC in field clinics operation. This exercise will provide an exposure to both organisations from different countries to work together with a common interest. 

Singapore Red Cross visited MRC’s Headquarters