KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Nov 2016 – Coca cola Malaysia continued its commitment to the Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) today with the delivery of drinking water of Dasani drinking water in preparation for the annual year-end flood relief operations, to ensure that both the volunteers and victims are adequately hydrated.


When the floods hit, thousands of lives get disrupted when the rising water destroys homes and families get displaced which is when the humanitarian aid such as shelter, clothing food and water provided by the Malaysian Red Crescent is crucial.

The support provide by Coca Cola for MRC’s relief efforts is an example of how it is a global company yet also a local corporate citizen, with the partnership that has been ongoing for over 10 years where Coca-Cola donates bottled water in preparation for the food relief work.

Support also given in times of unexpected disaster such as the June 2015 earthquake in Ranau, Sabah which resulted in floods, mudslides and landslides that forced the community at the base of Mount Kinabalu out of their homes.

Efforts to send drinking water to Ranau were quickly mobilized by Coca-Cola together with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, providing more than 12,000 bottles of Dasani drinking water to the victims for their immediate wellbeing.

“We are as much as part of community as the people drinking our products, which is why we are part of the local relief efforts where needed and this happens in communities and countries around the world. In many cases, The Coca-Cola Company is in a unique position to provide assistance during and after natural disasters when the community needs to rebuild their lives because of our large distribution network and presence in over 200 countries,” said Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola’s Bottling Investment Group Singapore-Malaysia-Brunei Stephen Lusk when handing over the water in Kuala Lumpur today.



At a global level, The Coca-Cola Company and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Socities (IFRC) have formed a global partnership to enhance their collaboration on disaster preparedness and response aroind the world. Together with bottler partners of the Coca Cola System, The Coca-Cola Company and The Red Cross and Red Crescent already work together in over 75 contries around the world, assisting communities struck by disaster.

The potential humanitarian impact of this partnership is significant. The Coca Cola Company and its bottler partners operate in more than 200 countries with 700,000 employees; and the IFRC represents 186 National Societies with over 100 million volnteers, members and supporters.

Speaking during the handover, Secretary General of the Malaysian Red Crescent Dato’ Sayed A Rahman b. Sayed Mohd said, “The Malaysian Red Crescent truly appreciates the contributions of individuals and companies such as Coca Cola for their contributions which help us with the supply of crucial items that flood victims need during their ordeal. Having a partner in time of needs for the unfortunate victims of any disaster indeed a welcoming move.

Malaysian Red Crescent is proud to have helped Malaysians through disasters such as the riots of 1969, The Northen Region floods of 2010, the 2004 Tsunami that hit Acheh and subsequently Penang and more recently the East Coast Floods.

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Coca Cola Handover Flood Relief Aid to MRC